Primo Oval Gas Grill

Primo Oval Gas Grill

Primo Oval Gas Grill

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Introducing the Primo Oval G 420 The Primo Oval G 420 transcends standard gas grills by integrating a premium grade ceramic shell. Unlike metal gas grills that radiate high amounts of heat and pull the moisture out of food, the ceramic shell of the Primo Oval G 420 acts as an insulator to retain more heat and preserve the natural moisture and oils of the food. The assembled grill features premium grade ceramics, 304 stainless steel cooking grates, burners, flavor grids, exterior and components. The cart features brushed aluminum handles with a powder coated steel exterior and locking casters. Every Primo is built for years of use and enjoyment. (Grill Head Only) Specifications Grill Head Dimensions 36”W x 12”H x 29”D 91 cm x 30 cm x 74 cm Grill Head/Cart Dimensions 36”W x 46”H x 29”D 91 cm x 117 cm x 74 cm Cooking Area 420 sq in 2,710 sq cm Optional Rack System 195 sq in 1,258 sq cm Total Cooking Area 615 sq in 3,968 sq cm BTU-per-hour Input (Main) 21,000 (4) Burners Temperature Range 220°—650°F+ 104°C—343°C+ Warranty: Limited Lifetime Plus 20-Year Guarantee on the Ceramics

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