Globrite Color LED Light 15w 12v 150' Cord

Globrite Color LED Light 15w 12v 150' Cord

Globrite Color LED Light 15w 12v 150' Cord

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GloBrite lights utilize the industry’s most advanced technology to showcase and enhance your pool’s shallow water features, making your poolside evenings go from great to spectacular. Not only are GloBrite lights quick and easy to install, they are also the brightest and most efficient LEDs available.
5 brilliant fixed colors; 7 dazzling preprogrammed light shows
The perfect complement to IntelliBrite® 5g LED Pool Lighting for dynamic, synchronized colored light shows
Compatible with IntelliTouch® and EasyTouch® Control Systems
Can be used with an optional IntelliBrite® Controller
Does not require grounding or bonding for quick and easy installations
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