100' Savi Mini Melody S LED Light

100' Savi Mini Melody S LED Light

100' Savi Mini Melody S LED Light

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Now with new RGBW technology! At only 4.25 inches in length and at 80% the brightness of the Original Melody, the new Mini Melody-S offers an unprecedented value in a small package. Ideal for steps, swim-outs, spas, sun-shelves, shallow water applications, and small swimming pools, the mini Melody packs a punch in RGBW at only 6 Watts of power. A single 50W transformer can easily power up to 7 lights. The mini Melody P Series work with PENTAIR® and ZODIAC® R-Series rev1 Controllers. The mini Melody H Series works with Hayward® controls. Specifications: 6 Watts 12V

SAVI UNDERWATER LIGHT FEATURES 4" Minimum Water Depth Fits Standard 1-1/2" Wall Fittings No Niche. No Grounding. No Bonding. 180° Beam for Complete Coverage No Removal During Liner Changes Flush Mounts / Can Run Dry No Water Required for Cooling Accepts Designer Series Lenses Field Interchangeable, Upgradeable, & Replaceable Cartridges

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